Friday, July 08, 2011

The new Woody

Gene decided that Woody needed a haircut. He thought he was too hairy, that he was too hot, and too heavy when he was soaking wet. Gene's idea of a cut was a buzz. Take the guard off the clippers and have at it! I protested!

I finally agreed that he could have someone trim him up. With the idea being that his fur would remain about 2 inches in length.

Can you imagine my sadness when I saw my dog looked like this!


Its a bad cell phone photo, but you can still see that he's bald! His hair is not 2 inches long! WTF!

This was how he looked Sunday. Don't you love his life jacket?!? Safety first!


I know its only hair, and I know it will grow back. And Woody seems really happy with it. I just miss this Woody


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Independence Day


The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. As kids, we would load up early in the morning and head out to a small town parade. My dad was a fireman, so he was always in the parade on the truck. It was fun when they went by us, they would blast the sirens even louder. My brother and I loved it, we were the only kids not covering our ears!

Later that day we would always go to our towns parade. This time all of us were in the parade in some way. My dad on the fire truck, my brother with the scouts, and me with my dance company. We would march around the parade route and meet back at the high school to settle in before fireworks.

One year, my brother and I got to watch the fireworks up close with the firemen. We also got to spend most of the evening sitting in the captains car while the firemen put out a blaze from a spark.

Things are different here in the south. I was sad when me moved that there aren't any parades on the fourth. It seemed odd to me, and it still does. Who doesn't love a good parade? There were fireworks, which I enjoyed.

But the joy for the holiday has fizzled some. With no parades, and fireworks displays that are hard to get to, (there really is only one big one worth seeing here and it takes way to long to get to and from to make it worth it. Plus its in the middle of the city, so your view is quite obstructed), it just doesn't feel like it use to.

We've tried to make our own traditions, but it seems we always flounder. This year we took the boat out to watch a boat parade. I was excited that we would get to see a parade!


Yeah, 10 pontoons decorated with rednecks doesn't really fit my description of parade.

But, we did celebrate the fact that we have freedom. We enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

IMG_2374 wm

We said a little thank you for all those how fought do give us such liberties.

IMG_2373 copy