Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm back

So something got messed up with the whole blogger debacle last week and I wasn't able to get on at work. Which, is where I do all my blogging.

But, I had an epiphany and things are looking good.

So we planted a little garden this year. We done ones in the past, but they always get huge and we end up with more than we can eat. This year we scaled back. We made (or Gene and JJ made) a cute little raised bed garden.


We planted tomatoes, squash, zuccini, cucumbers, onions, peppers, potatoes, cantalopes, watermelon. I did say small right. I was just one little plant of each.

Things are starting to sprout. I noticed some tomatoes...


Even the Romas are starting to grow


The zucchini are getting big


and I was even able to pick some squash already!


I've very excited for our little garden. I hope things continue to bloom and grow. My taste buds are already watering!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Whoop Whoop

JJ made the A team! Yeah!!!! Actually, they call it the orange team. My mother in law is going to love that. (Don't hate, she's a Carolina Fan, orange is her least favorite color!) It helps that its her grandbaby, so she can't hate too much.

Way to go JJ!


Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm catching up still...

Here are a few from Easter morning (well, noonish, after church)

JJ looking all grown up

JJ easter 2011 wm

The family

easter 2011

And one of Gene and I, courtest of JJ

g and l easter 2011

They do exist

I recently travelled for work to our nations capital. It was my first time to DC. Really, the meeting was in Bethesda, but I flew into DC and I rode the DC metro, so I call it DC.

One of the things I wanted to do while I was there was see monuments. That makes me sound really country, doesn't it. Anyway, I called upon a localish photog friend to see if she wanted to join me on my monument excursion. She was delighted (yeah for me) and she met me one afternoon on the mall!

Amy and I know each other through a private photography forum. She's a sweet as a peach, always encouraging to those (ahem, even me) who need some newbie guidence, and has the cutest litte girl!

We bonded instantly and took off on our walk. Our goal was the Lincoln Memorial. It didn't seem that far away, sure, lets walk to it. Keep walking, Keep walking.... keep walking...

Yeah! we made it!

Why hello there Mr. President


What mighty big feet you have

We continued our walk around the mall...

I found the Vietnam memorial touching. It signfies a significant part of my parents generation.



We continued up the street in hopes of cooling off in a museum. Unfortunately, when we got there, they told us they close in 10 minutes. At least we had time to go to the bathroom! (Not like I needed to, you know I can hold 13 pounds in my bladder)

Amy decided she wanted to take a photo of the beautiful dome. I won't share the photo I have of her laying on the ground... I'll save that for another time!

I did get a little glimpse of Washington


After we made it back to the metro station, we headed to Bethesda for dinner. We met up with Kendra, another forum buddy. She's 37 weeks pregnant and we gave her the free pass on the walking tour. It was great to catch up with some friends that I've known for a while, and really put a face to a name. Well, I've seen their faces, its a photography forum, we share photos.

Overall, I had a great time meeting my new friends and seeing that they do exist. Although, that evening I started to lose my voice, and then it was completly gone. That was followed by a head cold of all head colds. Flying and head colds don't mix, but at least I was awake for the royal wedding.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coming up for air

So as I previously mentioned, things have been pretty busy around here. I've got a moment or two that I'm designating blog time. I've got lots of topics to discuss, but I'm going to stick to just one right now.

Soccer, and JJ's soccer.

Let me tell you, this kid LOVES this sport. He dreams of bending like Beckham and vuvuzelas at the World Cup. We've always kept him active because he always has so much energy, and really I think it was a way to tire him out so he would sleep at night!

Can you see his dreams?

This year, his soccer skills have exponentially grown. Well, at least in my opinion. But really, other coaches have come up to tell us what a great player he his. That always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, even though I really had nothing to do with it. (Besides working my ass off to afford the gas in the car to get us there and back!)

Here he is getting aggressive.


We've work hard to get him to support his own. A mama has never been so proud. And... he didn't even get fouled!

I was bummed that most of the week day games this year were later at night and nearly in the dark. That doesn't bode well for my picture taking itch. However, I had weekend games. But, most of those got rained out. I was losing hope. But, mother nature was nice to me, and gave me one last great day.

JJ wrapped up the soccer season with a great saturday game.

Even though it was noon and really sunny, I still had a blast, as did he!

IMG_0755 wm

Well, maybe not every minute


I thought my soccer days were over till the fall, but we learned of an opportunity and we jumped on it. JJ has always played on our local, small town recreation team. A group of the better playes from that league, travels to the big city on saturdays to compete with other teams. We've considered getting him on a team in the big city, but it would be really hard for us to get him to practice, twice a week. (Its an hour each way).

But, we heard that our little bit bigger, but not big city near us, has something similar. And, get this, they play their games in the big city on Sundays! So, we wouldn't have to give up the best day of the weekend anymore.

So last Saturday, JJ went for evaluations. Basically, if you pay your money, you are on a team. But, the coaches want to check you out so they know whether to put you o the varsity team or the JV.

They did drills


And our favorite term is now "on the jog". The coach makes them jog everywhere. He tells them, "on the jog" boys. JJ is gonna HATE that term! (insert evil mom laugh)

They had some discussions
IMG_0964 wm

And then they got to scrimmage...


JJ didn't like wearing a penny, and he kept adjusting it. At one point he traded with another kid so his could fit better.


Doesn't the boy on the right look like he's having fun. I can't wait to keep my lens on that one!

He went again yesterday for more evals, but I left the camera at home this time. But, he should find out later this week if he made the A team or the B. (He thinks A, all the way!) Either one would be fine with us.

They will reconviene in August with a week long evening camp and then practice, hard core twice a week once school starts. JJ can't wait. And ya know, I can't either...

IMG_0946 wm

Friday, May 06, 2011

I'm still living

Sorry for the abscense of posts. Work has been crazy busy right now and I haven't had the time to pee let alone blog! (How dare they take up my blogging time!)

Lots has been going on.... The last of soccer, a visit t DC (including meeting some awesome photog friends!), Easter, an Oyster Roast/Cornhole Tournament, baseball, a super special anniversary present.

I've got photos of it all people, I promise. Hopefully this weekend, I will get a chance to make some posts and fill up your reader.

Till then, hang tight!