Thursday, April 12, 2012

Its been a while

I haven't forgotten about this little place.  I've just been busy.  And honestly, all my soccer photos look the same, and I just didn't want to share the same thing over and over. 

I haven't taken photos of much else.  But, I did break the camera out for Easter (although we recently went to California, and I hope the get through all those photos someday).  I set up the tripod and used the remote timer to get this great family shot...

IMG_4773 wm 

I also got some nice shots of me and JJ and Gene and JJ

IMG_4780 wm
IMG_4766 wm

Woody had to get in on the action too!

IMG_4782 wm 

The Saturday before easter was the church easter egg hunt.  This is the last year that JJ can participate.  Next year, as a youth, he gets to hid the eggs.  The youth did a great job hiding this year, and the kids had a blast.

IMG_4732 wm

We are all full on peeps and chocolate now.  The weather was perfect.  The soccer season is almost over.  We've got two tournaments coming up in the next few weeks.  I promise to post a few soccer photos before the summer!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Its been a long time

I've been neglectful once again.  But, when I saw this weekend I heart Faces theme, I knew I had the perfect photo for this.

Bust a Gut is the theme. Can you tell JJ got tickled?!?!?!

jj fall 5 

Check out more Busted Guts at

Thursday, October 20, 2011


You see this beauty

This is all mine!  Happy Birthday to Me!

I haven't had much time to mess with it, but what I've done so far is A-MA-Zing!

Just being able to go over ISO 1600, swoon!  I took photos in the dark house last night, with low light and it was magical!

The whole camera is so fast!  I can't wait to give it a really good whirl this weekend.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flashback Friday: Candy

I'm linking up with Jen at 525,600 minutes this Friday for a little flashback.  I skimmed my flickr feed to see if there was a vintage JJ.  To my surprise I found this gem...


This is JJ circa 2004, at the cute age of 3.  That was his typical "cheese" face.  He's so proud of all his loot.  JJ always gets excited about Halloween, until it comes time to put the costume on, then he's not so keen.  He complains that he gets hot. (Noted, but its just a little while).  He hates, just HATES, to wear anything with a mask (although his choice in costume usually comes with one).

He's getting older now and Halloween isn't as cute as it use to be.  We will be away for Halloween this year,so he won't get to trick or treat.  But, don't worry JJ, I bought an assload of candy for you and your friends to enjoy while we are at the beach (and I got everyone's favorite, so there is nothing to turn your nose up at!)

Flashback Friday

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

J Crew look out!

Sunday morning we went to church with the in-laws.  It was the 150th anniversary of their church.  Its the church my Mother in Law grew up in, its the church Gene grew up in.  We currently attend the church across the street, but for this occasion I agreed that we could go.  (I only agreed because I knew it would score me points with MIL)

JJ was excited to go as well.  He loves being shown off to the little church ladies.  He's so polite to them, he lets them hug him and squeeze him and pat him on the head. (Although, his head is almost above theirs)

I usually pick out his church clothes and I was excited that the weather was a little cooler that day. Thankfully, JJ doesn't protest what I chose for him.  We've had battles before, but its usually based on what he's chosen for himself.  Its a hard lesson I'm learning, but if he's ok with what he has on, then sometimes (yes, just sometimes, because sometimes his choices are hideous) I'm ok with it.

Doesn't he look like a little J Crew model here?

IMG_4537 wm 

I'm not really a portrait photographer and it shows doesn't it! This was totally impromptu. I told him to stand out on the porch and lean against the post. That angle gave me the best backdrop of the backyard. I wasn't going to venture out into the yard because I was still in my robe and someone might have driven by and seen me! He agreed to momentarily have his picture taken, at least he gave me a genuine JJ smile.

I should really stick with the action, right?!?!?!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Where's Waldo

As I was walking around, taking photographs of antique cars and hot rods, I noticed I could see myself in the chrome and I became obsessed with photographing that. 

It all started with this one

IMG_4259 wm 

I was looking for details and saw the mirror, then I saw my reflection, and then it was all down hill from there. I took several shots making sure I got one that I would like. Wouldn't you know, the first one was the keeper! Then I moved over a few cars and I saw a better mirror, I had to do it all over again....

IMG_4280 wm 

I like that one better because it's a little more centered, the view of me is a little crisper. I also noticed I could see myself in hub caps

 IMG_4298 wm

Went for the full body on that one. Then I noticed I could see other things in the hub caps, as well as myself...

IMG_4343 wm 

Then I saw myself in the headlight and I knew I needed to stop

IMG_4370 wm 

Also, Go Tigers!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Scott Kelby Photowalk

So last Saturday was the annual Scott Kelby Photowalk.  Last year I participated and had a lot of fun.  I met some new friends.  And I was challenge to capture great photographs. 

This year I didn't get to participate  :(  It was the same time as the standpipe run.  They moved the walk from July to October.  Which, I think is a great thing because it was hotter than stink in July, but I was said when I knew the walk would interfere with other plans.

However, I decided to create my own walk.  The Standpipe Festival has a great antique car show and I thought I would challenge myself to great photographs of car things.  I feel at times I get into a rut with taking exclusively soccer photos.  I love the art of photography and believe that to be a well rounded artist, you need to explore all aspects of the art.

I began to struggle right away with my challenge because I felt that I was capturing the same shots I did the previous year.  I feel at time I lack in creativity because I'm so technical.  I lack that creative eye.  You know, the one where you can foresee what things will look like before they are made.  I'm thankful that Gene's creative eye is sharp because mine needs glasses.

It was a great day.  It was blue skies and crisp air.  There were a lot more cars there this year than in the past.  Also a lot more people.  But this was a noon on a Saturday.

IMG_4358 wm

I found some interesting hood ornaments

IMG_4271 wm
IMG_4342 wm

I found some interesting head lights

IMG_4324 wm 

IMG_4303 wm 

I saw some front ends that I liked

IMG_4300 wm 

IMG_4190 wm 

And some rear ends that I liked

 IMG_4315 wm

Overall, I had fun. I didn't get to meet any new people this year, but I did get a lot of great captures. After I reviewed the keepers from this year, to the keepers from last year, my initial struggles for creativity were not evident. I just hope next year I can continue to show improvement in both technical skill and creativity!