Friday, July 08, 2011

The new Woody

Gene decided that Woody needed a haircut. He thought he was too hairy, that he was too hot, and too heavy when he was soaking wet. Gene's idea of a cut was a buzz. Take the guard off the clippers and have at it! I protested!

I finally agreed that he could have someone trim him up. With the idea being that his fur would remain about 2 inches in length.

Can you imagine my sadness when I saw my dog looked like this!


Its a bad cell phone photo, but you can still see that he's bald! His hair is not 2 inches long! WTF!

This was how he looked Sunday. Don't you love his life jacket?!? Safety first!


I know its only hair, and I know it will grow back. And Woody seems really happy with it. I just miss this Woody



  1. Awww bless his heart - he got buzzed.

  2. awe, I think he looks adorable with his new haircut. Of course, he was adorable before too, but I'm sure he's much cooler and happier now!

  3. Oh, poor Woody. Well, he'll probably be a lot more comfortable for the summer.

  4. Poor guy...but I'm sure he feels better in this unbearable heat!

  5. honestly I would feel the same way. i bet he loves it. and he is beautiful either way. (ok i do love the hair more :) but he is beautiful :)

    soon it will be fall - and Woody's hair will grow back to keep him warm!

    xo ellie