Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This weeks theme at In A Yellow House is Travel.

This is a photo from our trip to Amsterdam. We, Gene and I, travelled there for work. We took an afternoon and travelled out into the countryside to see some working windmills.

They had several of these original windmills set up that you could go into an explore. The sky was the perfect backdrop for these bright green structures.

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  1. That's so cool - I've gotta get out that way. I've been to Dubai, but never into Europe. I love the shot.

  2. This is a great shot! Thanks so much for linking up this week! Tell me more about Amsterdam. We will be there for 4 days... would love to know what you found fun!

  3. Gorgeous windmill shot! Great colors!! :)

  4. You won this week's photo challenge! Congrats!