Friday, July 02, 2010

Flash Back Friday

My friend Ashley has a great photo blog that I follow. She listed a bunch of links today, or maybe last night, to some other great blogs. One of those is Christopher and Tia. They have flash back friday, where you can post an old photo for everyone to see.

I searched back through my photo files and I came across this picture.

This is Gene and JJ about 4 years ago. This is one of JJ's first "catches". We have some friends that have a fantastic pond thats stock slap full of this huge brim. JJ was enthralled at the size of his catch.

Gene loves to fish. He grew up fishing in small ponds. He spent his graduate school days out on the lake after class. He was really excited to share the joy of fishing with JJ. JJ loves to fish now. He's still skeptical about touching the fish, but we're working on that.

I love that my boys have this to share with each other, and as they grow older, they have something they can do together.

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  1. What a cute shot - I'm glad you got something out of my post this morning. :) (but yeah, I wrote it last night)

  2. How sweet, thanks for sharing! New follower, found you via Christopher and Tia.

    Have a happy 4th and a great weekend!
    -Ann Marie

  3. Oh thats a great picture!! Thats the kind of picture that I think every little kid dreams of having. A picture of them with their dad (or uncle, or grandpa, or whoever), holding up a fish. And it HAS to be framed.

    So good :)