Friday, April 01, 2011

Flashback Friday: Where I get it from

I was looking back through old photos a few weeks ago. And, by old, I mean one my mom took when I was young, that I had scanned for our wedding video. Staring at the photos and reminiscing, I realized we both had the same love for photography.

My mom was always the mom with the camera. They owned a Minolta SLR that they purchased sometime in the 70's. My parents were big into slide film for a while and even had their own equipment for developing. She took that camera everywhere! School functions, scout functions, family vacations. She had the telephoto zoom before the telephoto zoom was cool!

But, looking over the photos, I realized where I get my love of action photography from. My mom! Most of the photos we have from years past are of us doing something. Of course, there were some of the typical mom shots... stand over there and smile.

Like this one, on my first day of pre-school...


But then there were ones like this... From a family trip to Hershey Park


Or this one from college... That's my head sticking out from the hull of the racing shell...


Or just everyday fun moments like this...


Nice focus on the Frosted Flakes Mom! I give her credit for getting so many good shots. Her camera was manual focus and man was it hard! I gave it a try, but gave up because it was so frustrating. I'm glad technology advanced! Its funny though that now on her DSLR, my mom still manual focuses... that's just what she's comfortable with.

I guess the love for action is in my blood. Blood runs deep.

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Flashback Friday


  1. How fun! The preschool pic is adorable and LOL at the Frosted Flakes :)

  2. my mom was terrible about pics...we don't hardly have any. these are treasures. especially love #2

  3. I LOLed at the Frosted Flakes picture too (I happen to be eating a bowl just now). I got my love for photography from my mom too!! :-)