Friday, April 08, 2011

Flashback Friday:So that's what they've been up to!

My In-laws live next door. Well, a few acres over, so not right next door, but they are our closes neighbors. In between our house and theirs, is the donkey pasture.

Several years ago (2006), my mother in law decided that she wanted to get a couple of miniature donkies as pets. So, she fenced off some pasture and purchased two "pregnant" donkies. It turns out only one ended up being pregnant. But, that didn't stop her from buying three more!


So on the farm there are 5 Jennies that were bought and over the course of time, 6 baby jacks and 1 baby jennie have been born.

In the past two weeks, we have been blessed with two more baby jacks!
Possum, was born Tueday March 29


And Bochepus was born Monday April 5


So my in laws are country music fans. When the first baby came along, my mother in law wanted a theme for her farm. So, they decided to go with country music names. Not necessarily singers, but just common words from songs or songwriters.

First there was Poncho, then Lefty


Then Conway, Delta Dawn, Waylon, Hootie (Darius Rucker.. get it...), and then Possum (George Jones), and Bocephus (Hank Williams, Jr.)


They are cute little fuzzy creatures. They are social. They come to the fence when you walk by. They play out in the pasture. They he-haw at dinner time!

IMG_9940 edit

Just don't ask me to tell them apart. Most of them are grey, and look very similar. I'm sharing again as part of Jen's Flashback Friday.

I'm post dating this post so it gets up for all my loyal readers, but Jen I hope to link up later in the day when we get back from fishing!

But, you can always use my link to check out how everyone else Flashed Back!
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  1. Aahhhhh...the cuteness...I can't STAND it!!!

  2. Aahhh...I cannot take the cuteness!!!! TOOO CUTE!!!!!!