Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This weeks theme at Simplicity is Light. Last week at JJ's soccer game I worked on capturing some shots with the sun setting in the background. This was his last 6:00 game, so I knew it would be my last chance to get any quality photos. (It's too dark at the 7:00 games for me to get photos that I like)

When I got home and reviewed them, I was pleasantly surprised what what I captured.
This is my favorite... even though its only the upper half of his body, I love the sunflare around him, almost a perfect circle. The orange glow that exudes the feeling of fall. His intense stare down field for the play. Love it all.


Here are a few more from that night. I love that Gene is in the background of this one. He's really enjoyed helping coach JJ. He provides some tough love on the field, but JJ's a tough athlete and can take it.



Showing off some of his mad footwork skills. He's been watching way too much soccer on TV.


And this one... he caught me being the paparazzi


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  1. These are really great but I really love the first one. The light is so pretty.

  2. great shots, and that last photo what a nice capture, I like how he "cought you"

  3. Love them all! I agree with Ashley - the first one is awesome!

  4. SO awesome! Your light here is SOOO very pretty!

    Thanks so much for playing along.