Friday, October 07, 2011

Where's Waldo

As I was walking around, taking photographs of antique cars and hot rods, I noticed I could see myself in the chrome and I became obsessed with photographing that. 

It all started with this one

IMG_4259 wm 

I was looking for details and saw the mirror, then I saw my reflection, and then it was all down hill from there. I took several shots making sure I got one that I would like. Wouldn't you know, the first one was the keeper! Then I moved over a few cars and I saw a better mirror, I had to do it all over again....

IMG_4280 wm 

I like that one better because it's a little more centered, the view of me is a little crisper. I also noticed I could see myself in hub caps

 IMG_4298 wm

Went for the full body on that one. Then I noticed I could see other things in the hub caps, as well as myself...

IMG_4343 wm 

Then I saw myself in the headlight and I knew I needed to stop

IMG_4370 wm 

Also, Go Tigers!

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  1. Now I'm TOTALLY going to try this out & run around one day just trying to do self-portraits in car ornaments. :) I love these, and like that the first started out as focusing on the detail of the mirror to then focusing on you. :)