Thursday, October 06, 2011

Scott Kelby Photowalk

So last Saturday was the annual Scott Kelby Photowalk.  Last year I participated and had a lot of fun.  I met some new friends.  And I was challenge to capture great photographs. 

This year I didn't get to participate  :(  It was the same time as the standpipe run.  They moved the walk from July to October.  Which, I think is a great thing because it was hotter than stink in July, but I was said when I knew the walk would interfere with other plans.

However, I decided to create my own walk.  The Standpipe Festival has a great antique car show and I thought I would challenge myself to great photographs of car things.  I feel at times I get into a rut with taking exclusively soccer photos.  I love the art of photography and believe that to be a well rounded artist, you need to explore all aspects of the art.

I began to struggle right away with my challenge because I felt that I was capturing the same shots I did the previous year.  I feel at time I lack in creativity because I'm so technical.  I lack that creative eye.  You know, the one where you can foresee what things will look like before they are made.  I'm thankful that Gene's creative eye is sharp because mine needs glasses.

It was a great day.  It was blue skies and crisp air.  There were a lot more cars there this year than in the past.  Also a lot more people.  But this was a noon on a Saturday.

IMG_4358 wm

I found some interesting hood ornaments

IMG_4271 wm
IMG_4342 wm

I found some interesting head lights

IMG_4324 wm 

IMG_4303 wm 

I saw some front ends that I liked

IMG_4300 wm 

IMG_4190 wm 

And some rear ends that I liked

 IMG_4315 wm

Overall, I had fun. I didn't get to meet any new people this year, but I did get a lot of great captures. After I reviewed the keepers from this year, to the keepers from last year, my initial struggles for creativity were not evident. I just hope next year I can continue to show improvement in both technical skill and creativity!

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