Friday, October 14, 2011

Flashback Friday: Candy

I'm linking up with Jen at 525,600 minutes this Friday for a little flashback.  I skimmed my flickr feed to see if there was a vintage JJ.  To my surprise I found this gem...


This is JJ circa 2004, at the cute age of 3.  That was his typical "cheese" face.  He's so proud of all his loot.  JJ always gets excited about Halloween, until it comes time to put the costume on, then he's not so keen.  He complains that he gets hot. (Noted, but its just a little while).  He hates, just HATES, to wear anything with a mask (although his choice in costume usually comes with one).

He's getting older now and Halloween isn't as cute as it use to be.  We will be away for Halloween this year,so he won't get to trick or treat.  But, don't worry JJ, I bought an assload of candy for you and your friends to enjoy while we are at the beach (and I got everyone's favorite, so there is nothing to turn your nose up at!)

Flashback Friday


  1. Look at that loot! I love those muscle costumes, so funny.

  2. He's so little <3 I hate masks too, they drive me crazy! Have fun at the beach!!