Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

This weeks theme over at TMMAPC is Christmas Past. I don't have many Christmas' past here on my computer at work, but I do have some from last year. Last year was the first Christmas with the DSLR and I was super excited to take "awesome" Christmas card photos.

I set out one Sunday, at high noon, with JJ and Woody. Gene followed along for support in keeping Woody's attention. 45 minutes later and 100+ photos and I was spent! I wasn't happy with what I had gotten. Nothing screamed "MAGIC" to me, but they weren't really that bad.

I'll share a few outtakes first before I share my entry for TMMAPC.

I took all the photos in AE mode with and ISO of 1600! Holy grainy photos batman. Yeah.... go ahead and laugh. I know better now, so at least I learned my lesson.

First up... Possessed Woody! Gene is standing behind me holding the Frisbee. Can you tell what Woody loves more than having his photo taken?

edit IMG_3228

Next up... The Head-Lock. Woody just didn't want to sit still and this was JJ's attepmt to hold him. Poor kid, he tried.

edit IMG_3275

And lastly, for the outtakes. This one is more a flub on my part rather than subject participation (although Woody's tongue is funny. It was like this in at least half of the photos). Check out the tilt on this one! I think my house is falling off the face of the earth!

edit original IMG_3226

So I knew nothing about editing last year... so I took that last one and tired to fix it up a little

edit IMG_3226

And here ya go... the one (ok two) that actually made the Christmas Card. Its grainy, but its cute. I added a message about sending you hugs and kisses this holiday.

edit IMG_3263

I also included this one on the card because I love this part of the property.

edit IMG_3298

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  1. These pictures are great - grain and all!

  2. so sweet! they are great to me. great edit too

  3. Hey Lisa - I hope you, JJ, Gene and Woody have a Merry Christmas!

  4. They are wonderful!!! It has been amazing to watch my photography bloom through the years as I have posted Christmases past. Hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas and yes, I would love to get together again!!! ;)
    Blessings and Joy!