Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Holiday Lights

I posted earlier about the bokeh cut outs. I liked them, I tried to use them on our tree, but what I discovered was I love the look of the round shape the best. You all know that I'm a bokeh addict anyway... I was like a kid in a candy shop with this. I took over a hundred photos in a matter of minutes. Just trying to get the right color combos.

I then had a little fun editing them, I will show some straight up and some that I tweaked a little. It was fun to have something basic to work with. It makes some great abstract art. I might get these printed and put up someday.

This one is my favorite, straight out of the camera. I love the texture of the circles. This was taken on our Cedar tree that is outside. It was just past dusk when I captured these.


This one is also straight out of the camera. This one is from our inside tree. It has a mix of white and colored lights, more of the white. I love the color variations in the whites.


This is the first one with a little adjustments. Just color corrections and such. Nothing major, just enough to make it pop. This was my submisson for this weeks POTW as Round.

round bokeh

This one was tweaked with an action called HDR-ish. I think it made a neonish type exposure. I love the way the tree branches created subtle shadows over some of the circles.

hdrish holiday bokeh

This is one with the white lights, with some color corrections....

holiday bokeh 3

This one with some focal softening....

holiday bokeh 2

And this one as a kind of pop-art

holiday bokeh dots

Happy Holidays,