Monday, December 06, 2010


When Gene and I first started dating, we decided to take a weekend getaway to his parents mountain house in early December. It was our first real vacation just the two of us. We took a long weekend and use it to get into the holiday spirit.

In Pigeon Forge, there is a store called, The Christmas Place. Its everything Christmas, 365 days a year. Its amazing! Well, that first year, Gene got me an ornament from there. I loved the sentiment of it and have continued every year to get one. We still go every December, but more recently I pick up the ornament when we are there in the summer so they are ready for the tree. The new ornament is always the first to go on the tree. I always try to pick out and ornament that represents something that occurred that year.

To start it off, this is the first one.

A boy and girl holding hands, how sweet!

xmas ornament 2005

This year JJ came with us to the mountains

xmas ornament 2006

The year we moved into the house

xmas ornament 2007

The first year we had our fireplace at Christmas. Also, Woody's first Christmas

xmas ornament 2008

The year we got married. Gene is mine forever (insert evil laugh). Just Kidding!

xmas ornament 2009

And finally... 2010
Because this year, we went on a cruise!

xmas ornament 2010

Can you tell the year I switched to getting them in the summer. I finally let them monogram them for me. When you go in December, the line for personalization is really, really long. I never have the patience to wait.

I love this tradition. I can't really claim is as own. My mother actually started it, except she used Hallmark ornaments. She has one from every year they've been married. I think its a great tradition and its really fun to decorate the tree and travel down memory lane.


  1. What a GREAT tradition! I love how each one will bring back those memories. =D

  2. That is really a wonderful tradition. I wish we had started something like that although someone has given us an ornament each year.

  3. What a wonderful tradition :) I have similar but I'm afraid I'm missing a bunch of years in between & have been unable to find a Christmas ornament with a rabbit :P Poor Fred!