Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Gene an only child, so JJ is limited to the number of extended family he has. However, Gene's grandfather was one of thirteen, so when you branch out the tree, there are tons of kin-folk. One of Gene's mother's cousins, lives behind us and their grandson is a year older than JJ.

They do a lot together, sports, church activities. They will grow to become great friends.

We told them one day they were cousins and they have called themselves that ever since. (I mean, they kinda are, is a strange way, but there are some "steps" in there so it gets tricky).

Here is JJ and his "cousin" Jackson watching a soccer game before theirs starts.


They watched with such intent. One of the boys on that team was a cousin to Jackson from the other side of his tree. This is how life goes in a small town. :)

Here are some more from Saturday's soccer game...



I'm sharing the black and white photo as part of The Long Road to China's Black and White wednesday. Hop on over to see more fabulous Black and Wite photos!

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  1. I love your black and white, what a great set of shots, lovely angle

  2. These are great - I really love the angle on the last shot!

  3. I love that you shot these from behind. They tell a great story even without faces. My girls also won't have cousins but it's amazing how attached they are to our extended family.

  4. It must be fun to live in a small town! I envy you!

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  5. Adorable! I love the first black and white one. So cute!

  6. Great shots! The black and white one is a favourite.

    Erika B

  7. What a bunch of fun shots!! It just makes me think that they are just chatting up a storm watching.

  8. love your composition on these! I feel the same way about my many 2nd and 3rd cousins. They are all just "cousin" to me. I am glad they will have eachother growing up!