Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Snack time

I will say I don't see myself as much of a snacker. My co-workers might think otherwise. I have an entire desk drawer devoted to my "snacks". I have to lock this drawer when I go on vacation because they will eat everything in there. But, I don't consider myself a snacker because the drawer isn't full of junk. It has gum, some crystal light pouches, a baggie of cookies, and some chocolate bliss candies (which I only eat one a day, if that).

But, when I'm having me time on a day off, I do like to get myself a fun snack. Sometimes its the overly salted popcorn at Target, or Butterfinger bar at the gas station. This weeks Raw (e) challenge is snacks.

This was my snack on our trip to Atlanta....


I couldn't help myself... they gave me a $2.00 off coupon that morning when Gene and I got our coffee.

I splurged with the whip cream... it was Non-fat, why not have some fun with your snack!

Enjoy an head over to Raw(e) and see more snacks.


  1. mmmmm...Starbucks frap, my favorite!

  2. Not fair! That's an awesome snack!!!! :O)

  3. one of the best snacks around-starbucks! i feel like it is a waste if i don't use the $2 off coupons i get lol, plus you get a frap for practically half price :)