Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Coming out of the funk

I've been in a funk lately. Just all around funk. I haven't posted much because I haven't photographed much. And the things I did, didn't meet my high standards. I took a break from challenges because I was getting too hard on myself. I wasn't "winning" and I was getting WAYYYYYYY to upset over it. I was being childish and pouting.

But, after guest judging over at Sailor & Co for her Raw E challenge, I learned how hard it was to choose a photo and how really subjective it is. There are so many photos that you love, but you can only choose one. And without "rules" its a free choice by the viewer. I'm competitive, but I just didn't realize how competitive I had gotten with these challenges.

I did learn myself a lesson with my self induced time-out. I learned that I love to share my photos. I find myself now taking photos of random things and wondering what type of challenge it can fit into. I'm much more creative with my photography now. I've still have plenty to learn, technically speaking, but I've spent some time developing, or rather letting the creative "me" come out.

Stay tuned challenge entries being posted momentarily....


  1. I'm actually really glad you posted this because I've been feeling much the same way. We've both been going hard with the challenges lately and I think a break is well over due. It's alright, I'm glad you're back. I missed you!

  2. I feel exactly the same way. It's nice to know that other people go through the same thing. I think I was getting too "addicted" to the feedback. No one in my real life really has an interest in my photography so I was looking for internet strangers to fill the void. I need to get back to doing it just for me. But, just like Ashley said, I'm glad your back. I LOVE looking at your photos!!