Thursday, September 09, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's signs

This weeks theme at you capture is signs. I did happen to take a photo or two of some signs when I was walking around downtown Atlanta. I'm sure people thought I was really weird taking photos of the street signs.

I took this photo because I'm always intrigued by the push to walk button. I'm impatient and you'll often find me just running when the road is clear and not waiting for the signal. I've never lived in a big city, or really in any place that needed signals for street crossing, I guess that's where my impatience comes from.


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  1. I'm drawn to the scratches in the white of the sign. Hmmm... wonder what kissed it?

  2. I always wonder if these buttons actually work. I mean are they actually hooked up to a trigger somewhere along the line? Or are they just there to give you hope? :)

  3. I dont' like to wait either, but I hate pushing those buttons. Do we really know where those fingers have been?

  4. I like your sign, I also like watching people push these buttons like 50 times waiting for the little walk signal. ;)

  5. First of all, I like your capture. Second, I have to second Tiffany's thought - I doesn't seem to matter how much I push them, the cycle always remains the same. The lights seem to change at the same speed as always. I'm voting that they are there to give you hope. ;-)

  6. Those push buttons crack me up. Maybe that's because I am also from a small town.