Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Run Forrest Run

Its that time a year again for JJ to hit the pavement for the annual 5K run.  JJ is always excited to do this.  For some reason he thinks running is fun.  (Weird, I know!)

My dad signs the both of them up, even though my dad knows that JJ can run a lot faster than him.

IMG_4191 wm 

JJ was upset this year that running the race meant that he couldn't sleep over at his friends birthday party the night before. We just didn't think it was wise to let him stay up all night and then try to run in the morning. He understood it the week before, but when we went to pick him up from the party around 11pm, he didn't think it was ok. There was a lot of pouting, but no tears. I told him we could have the boys over at a later time for a sleep over at our house.

The weather took a turn this Saturday morning. Fall really arrived and it was brisk out. JJ thought it was cold enough to snow. My northern raised parents thought that statement was hilarious. It was in the upper 40's!

We arrived with plenty of time to hang out.  JJ saw a lot of kids he knew from school.  Sometime I think that events like this in a small town are really more about the social scene! JJ eagerly awaited at the starting line

IMG_4193 wm 

On your mark, get set, go!

 IMG_4199 wm 

My dad was little slower getting a start. He's been battling a nasty cold, but he told JJ he would do this with
him and he did!

IMG_4200 wm 

This is the boring part of the race. You just get to sit around and wait. My mom and I did the one mile fun run/walk. This was a good time for us to rest, although, it was just one mile!

IMG_4190 wm 

Then, from around the corner, at the end of the straightaway, a little black headed boy with red shorts appeared.

 IMG_4209 wm

Sweat running down his face, he made it in 25 minutes (and some change). Holy cow! What a race. That's incredible for a kid that doesn't train for long distances running. I'm so jealous of his endurance. A few minutes later, Pappy Dan turned the corner and made it up the incline to the finish line

IMG_4217 wm 

I'm always impressed to see my dad run. He just started running a few years ago. He had a mid life revelation and he turned his eating and exercise habits around. He lost over 100 pounds in the process and he was able to keep it off. He runs, bikes, swims. He has a rowing machine in the garage. He's hard core now!

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  1. I love this story!!! Seeing your precious boy standing in line waiting to run just tore at my heart!!! Wonder so many times if my Will will look like your JJ... we shall see in due time. Thank you for sharing!!! Blessings!