Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I guess I should check more often!

I actually won a photo challenge and I get to be this weeks guest judge!

Whoo hooo....

I was scrolling through my Google Reader this morning, trying to catch up after being away for a long weekend in Atlanta with Gene (photos to come soon). I noticed that this weeks guest judge at Sailor and Company's Raw E photo challenge had my name.

Which if you were born in the 70's, you probably know two, three, more like ten of us Lisa's. But, I clicked to see the winner's photo and was suprised to see my blog pop up!

I can't believe my supersized cupcake won! I'm so excited to pick this weeks winner, this weeks' theme is yellow (my mom's favorite color!).

I have a yellow photo to share. I didn't take this one, this was a photography friend of ours, Pat Wright. We won a sitting from our church auction a few years ago and he came out to our house to photograph us. This was at the peak of the fall color. JJ looks so sharp!


Make sure to head over to Sailor and Company and check out more Yellow photos!


  1. I know you didn't take this shot, but I just wanted to tell you how handsome he is!