Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do the vacay sway

Where have I been... on vacation! It was time to make our yearly mecca to the smokey mountains. I've got a boat load of photos to share, so I'm going to do it in phases, just so it doesn't take so long to load!

I can't say how much I enjoyed getting away for a little while. Work and life have been stressful and it was good to retreat to my happy place and not be constantly reminded of my daily life. We have a plan as you go attitude about vacations. We start with a general list of things we want to do, and then we decide each morning what we care to do that day. Not many activites follow a strict schedule (unless its things like a guided fishing trip!).

We were surprised when we arrived to see this....


We had heard that a treatment plant had an accident, but it was months ago. We would have thought it was clear by now. Gene asked and called around and found out from the Pigeon Forge City officals that it was safe, they just forgot to take the signs down.

You had me concerned...

We did still take precautions. We rinsed off and we didn't swim in it. Woody was bummed that he was only able to go in the river once. We had some bad storms mid week that caused the river to rise and move swiftly. We thought he would get another chance later in the week, but alas, it rained again. (sorry Woody, but we need the rain).

That's ok, just throw me that rock...

If I can't catch it, I'll dig for it...

Ahh... pure enjoyment!

So you made it through the first of many vacation posts. Wanna know what else is in store? The boys in the river, putt putt, bowling night, and bears.

Stay tuned...

I also want to apologize for not commenting on everyone elses blog posts. I've been having some difficulty with blogger lately and it won't let me, or I have to do it anonymously. Its really been a booger and I don't know what to do about it. I feel bad because I have great things to say, it just won't let me!


  1. Well it looks like you (or maybe just Woody) have really been enjoying vacation. Sorry I haven't been over in a while, but I'm glad to see you're doing well.

  2. That sign would have scared me to death!!! :) Woody is such a cute dog!