Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting tired yet?

Are you tired of seeing vacation photos yet?!? I feel like that crazy uncle that makes you sit through the slide show of his trip to Wallyworld!!!!

Just a few more to go. I've been so slack about posting things, I feel good about catching up.

If we aren't playing Wiffleball, one of our favorite vacation past times is playing Putt-Putt. We've been so many times, we know which courses to play, which are worth the fee for fun ratio.

We have two favorites...

IMG_2062 wmIMG_1835

You can't go wrong at either of these two places. Old MacDonald's has three courses to choose from, and Davy Crocketts has two. We usually buy a multi-game pass so we can play several times while we are there. (Plus, the tickets are good for a year, so we know we will be back in that time, that gives us something to do when we do come back!)

Putt Putt is a very serious game


Well, at least for me its serious. The boys have fun with it. I tend to get uptight because I'm losing. Its hard when a 9 year old is beating you!


However, for once, I won! I really did win! I beat them both. And, it wasn't even a close game! Ha... take that suckers!


Ahh... putt putt really is therapuetic.

IMG_2058 wm


  1. Lisa, I love all your vacation pictures, but the last putt putt picture is awesome! Great capture!