Thursday, June 09, 2011

Woody the Wonder Dog

Over Memorial Day weekend, Woody and the boys competed in their yearly Disc Dog competition. (We call is Frisbee, but that's a copyright term, so Disc it is!)


This is the third year the boys have done this. JJ competes in the Junior division (kids under 12) and Gene competes in the Novice. They have done fairly well the past two times. In years past we've had some awful weather situations, this year though, we were just blessed with sun and heat.

Its hot out here mama, but I'm having sooooo much fun!

I was very excited to have my parents visiting for this event. They were very patient with all the waiting that goes on. You know they can wait around all day just to see a few seconds of action because they attended so many Regattas for so long!

Every participant gets to toss the Disc in two rounds. They usually just allow the top 10 to toss again, but because they had the time and space, they allowed all participants this year to throw again. Gene was excited about this because he hadn't done very well in the first round.


JJ has some competition this year, he usually is the only kid competing. However, this year, a cute little 4 year old girl decided to toss with her dog. She was really cute and tried really hard. JJ made sure to tell her how good she did after the awards were given out.


Woody, of course was in all his glory. He loved every minute of it. He was off his game at some points. I think he gets distracted easily. He also got confused several times when he saw me on the side lines.




My mom also was able to get some great shots...

Thats her in the background on the left... thanks mom!

In the end, I think everyone had fun...


High Fives to get your game face on!

And a little something shiny for the trophy case...


We say after this event we want to do more. But, it always seems that other things get in the way (hmm.. soccer?!?!) Hopefully, this year we can keep good on our word and get to a few others.

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