Thursday, June 02, 2011

There are other sports

Its obvious that JJ loves soccer. But what do you do with and active kid when the season is over....



JJ's played baseball as long as he has soccer. For a while, he flip-flopped which was his favorite. He gave up fall soccer one year to play fall baseball. We've encouraged him to play as long as he enjoys it.

For me, baseball is so much harder to photograph. For the most part, the action is covered by protective fencing. I can certainly work around that, but its not ideal. Also, parents love to line their chairs up right along the fence, so if I want to get in there to get my shot, I have to stand in front of them.

There are a few away fields that offer me some great shooting options. I'm upset that for most of them, I didn't have my camera with me. But, at the last game I went to, I was able to whip out a few keepers.


He was finally able to hit the ball...


He got a triple...


He got a close one...


But, he got another good one..


It was short lived, but sports are over for the summer. We did get the call last night that JJ made the All-Star team. But, the week of the championship he is at soccer camp. JJ chose to sit out of All-stars this year. We think it was the right decision. It also gives another kid a chance to participate.


  1. That's my sports action lady photographer! Nice!