Friday, June 24, 2011

Its really all about the boys

What I love about the mountain house is that it has a very large backyard. I think its suppose to be a neighborhood common area, but its hardly ever used. We love it because it gives (well, it gives the boys) a chance to do one of their favorite mountain activities... Wiffleball!

IMG_2031 wm

Several years ago, I bought a wiffleball set and took it with us. Regular baseball is hard because the space isn't as big as our yard, and they wouldn't be able to hit the balls very far. Plus, Woody is the catcher and needs a soft ball for his teeth. Wiffleball was a big success and its become a vacation staple.


This year, they even started up as soon as we got there. Once we unloaded and I hit the grocery store to stock up, the boys took to the field. They have a set of rules they made up, and they keep score. It gets very competitive.


You can see how excited JJ gets when he strikes Gene out. Can you also see I'm trying out storyboards. I have so many photos that I don't want to bog the blog down. I decided its tims I learn more about photoshop. I'll admit this is a pre-packaged storyboard from The Coffeeshop Blog. Someday I hope to be good enough to create my own.

Wiffleball is at least a daily occurance, if not more than that. They've simplified it so it doesn't take long to play a "game". Most of the time while they are playing, I'm sitting on the porch watching, or this year, in their face with the camera


Its the laughs and the smiles that make it so much fun...


And I obviously need to spend more time with photoshop. I swear JJ did not get attacked by an oompa-lumpa!


  1. You are SO very blessed! Love all your photos of your boys!!! Your storyboards are GREAT!!! Yay!

  2. I'm also experimenting with storyboards, these are great photos for it!! Love te last ones. :)