Saturday, June 25, 2011

What do you do when it rains?

We had plans to go see a Tennesse Smokies baseball game. I usually scope out the calendar a find a day when they are playing that provides us with some cheap entertainment. We were all set to go this year, and then it stormed.

While I understand we need the rain, I was sad to miss out on baseball. (Especially $1 Hotdog night!) Instead, we decided to hit the Pigeon Forge Community Center for some family bowling.


I had a coupon (yes, I coupon. We saved a ton of money on vacation because I scavenged for coupons and coupon books. The more money I can save, the more fun we can have!) for buy 2 games, get one free. So that meant we got to play three games!



This was also JJ's first time playing without bumpers. We didn't even realize till we were mostly done with the first game. He said it was ok to play without, he wanted to try.


We all did fairly well. Gene of course, beat us each time!


But I managed to hold me own. I was impressed at my scores. They didn't have very many light weight balls, so JJ and I were playing with something heavier than I think we would have liked.


Like that shot of me?!? JJ took that. He was tickled that it looks like I don't have a head. He laughed for a good minute about it. That's ok, I've got mad skills


I think we enjoyed ourselves as much playing bowling as we would have if we would have gone to a ball game!

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  1. HAHA at the butt shot!!!!! And no shame in coupons, love me some deals!