Tuesday, February 01, 2011

6 more weeks of winter

So the theme this week at Trendy treehouse is shadows. How funny that Sunday when I was out in the yard, I saw my shadow and thought how fun it would be to photograph it!

Gene probably thought I was a moron for standing there for so long snapping away. I used the on camera timer, so I had time to pose myself. I had fun. They definitely aren't perfect, but it was fun trying!

So, I just want to say Hi! And I hope that winter is almost over.

TT shadow

If you want to see more shadows, pop on over to Trendy Treehouse, Shutter Love Tuesdays to see some more!



  1. Great shadow shot - so 6 more weeks of winter?

  2. Oh how I love Groundhog Day- :) This post made me smile.