Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Just another Wednesday

Here we are, the middle of the week. Hump Day. Its a cold one in February. They are predicting a little dusting of snow tonight. (1-2", which before the mega-snow in January, this would have been a lot). Just when things are starting to unthaw, here comes another winter blast.

Woody was excited this weekend that the weather was little nicer. He got to go outside and play for a while. But, however, he was not amused that I took the camera with me. (Soccer starts soon Woody, so I promise to give you my full attention soon.)

He managed to sit still long enough for me to practice shooting something other than wide open. Just because the lens says it can go to 1.4 doesn't mean I have to keep it there! I needed a reminder that I can get photos I like at a narrower aperture.

Woody was bribed with treats and toys, so we both got what we wanted. I can't believe he will be three at the end of the month. I'm already thinking of a montage post!

He blends into the grass right now, I can't wait for greener things!


He's not real happy with me.

And lastly, for Black and White Wednesday over at The Long Road to China (and Back!)

IMG_8952 bw

Looking daper, almost like a Polo ad for dogs.

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