Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Letters

Its February, the month of love. My friend Ashley, is doing a photo contest over at Ramblings and Photos this month involving a love letter to her precious cat, Kitty Paw. The contest is open to interpretation, and I took some liberty with it.

Woody decided he needed to send one to Kitty Paw. Woody loves cats. He used to like to chase them. He's since discovered they are harmless. They are just little cuddly furballs, like him.

Dear Kitty Paw....


Love, Woody.

Speaking of love letters... JJ got a very cute valentine this year. A sweet little girl in his grade made him the most precious card. They say they were boyfriend and girlfriend last year, but she broke it off at the end of the year. I guess she still has feelings for him. She was too shy to give it to him herself, so her friend did. Its made out of construction paper, with hearts. It has a cute little poem on the inside. Oh.... melts my heart.

I asked JJ if he said anything to her. He kinda hesitated. I asked him if he at least said thank you. And he said he did, and she said you're welcome! Ahh... young love!

I remember my first love letter. I was WAY to shy to ever write one myself, but I got one from a boy in the sixth grade. He wanted to "go" with me. I avoided him like the plague after that. He was a bad boy and I knew my parents would never approve. Oh the guilt that ate me up for being so cruel. Shame...

Do you remember your first love letter?


  1. I love Woody's love letter. And gosh, I remember young love. I used to have a crush on a guy named Joey. He didn't even know I existed.

  2. Woody is so precious!

    I remember my first love letter. I can't help but remember it, my mom still has it! Haha! I was in the 1st grade and this boy really liked me and like you, I avoided him! My mother loves to bring out the love letter and have a laugh though!

  3. lol....gotta love "puppy love" :)

  4. So cute!!! I'm glad you did this to remind me to send in mine!!!