Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its my favorite time again

Its soccer time! Sports season is among us. I think I get just as excited as JJ does. JJ plays on two different soccer teams. One travels into Greenville for Saturday games, and one plays weeknights with the local rec department. The "Greenville" team is by far his favorite. Its an All-Stars of sorts.

Its time consuming because its an hour each way for us. But, if we plan accordingly we can usually find time to do other things while we are over that way.

First, let me remind you about the new jerseys they have, design courtesy of Gene.
Never mind what JJ is doing with his tongue.


JJ was called to be goalie for the third quarter. JJ HATES being goalie.
See sad face


I like when JJ is goalie, because I can get closer to the action and I pretty much know where he is going to be. When he's offense/defense, he's all over the place. It provides me with great action shots.

See many photos below


I LOVE this one. This might be my all time favorite soccer shot. I need to compile bog post with all his funny faces. IMG_9417


His teammate caused a penalty kick, so JJ got stuck defending a penalty shot. It didn't go so well. But, according to JJ, they never go well, so he wasn't that upset.

He got back into the action in the fourth quarter, but they couldn't pull it together enough to pull out a win.




We have two more months of this. I'm excited. I took almost 300 photos during that game. I can't really tell you much about the game though. Its hard to follow along when you've got all your focus looking through your lens.

Rec ball starts next week, so there will be red jersey shots to share as well. Those are night games, but I'm hoping with DST that I can get a couple of good ones.

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  1. Absolutely awesome photos of your beautiful son if I may say that. :)