Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

My e-friend Jen is starting a new friday photo challenge. I don't know if its really a challenge, or more of a showcase. Its just a way for you to take the time to look back on all your old, fond memories, and share them with others.

Since, its soccer season, I thought I would show you some of JJ when he was just a wee little thing playing 6 and under soccer.

Here he is getting his trophy, he's just 4 here


Here he is at 5, I can see that he's always done weird things with he face when he plays


This one is only from 2 years ago, but its one of the first photos I took when my brand new camera!


They grow up so fast. I can't believe really, how quickly it goes by. I'm so thankful for photos so we can remember these moments.

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Flashback Friday

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