Friday, March 04, 2011

Flashback Friday: I'm engaged!

We're approaching the 3 year mark of my engagaversary. March 6, 2008 Gene and I made the ulitmate decision to become husband and wife. This was a special day for us, because it was the anniversary of JJ's homecoming.

For his special day, we decided to plant the cedar tree Gene had given me for Valentines Day. (Romantic huh, its the gift that keeps on giving. I love it!) Once we got home from work, JJ and Gene set out in the yard to get the ground ready and I started to work on dinner, and pack for our upcoming trip to my parents house.

After a while, JJ came in the house asking if I could get the camera and come take pictures of him and the tree. I really didn't think anything of it, because we take random pictures all the time. After all, it was his special day, lets take some special pictures.

So I head out there and I tell Gene and JJ to get near the tree first. JJ is acting goofy, but what 6 year old doesn't in front of the camera.


Then it was mine and JJ's turn. I'm all smiling, clueless to what's about to happen.



see that little blue sparkle above JJ's head, that's my ring... right there... I'm oblivious!

So, JJ and I are done, I stuff the camera in Gene's face. He gives me this look...


Then he hugs me and tells me how much he loves me. I reply the same. Then he reaches over and pulls the ring of the branch and asks me to be his wife. JJ errupts into extreme excitement. Of course, the answer is yes. But I was mostly concerned where the ring came from. I had no clue a proposal was coming. I mean, I knew it would eventually happen, but financially I didn't think a diamond ring was in the budget.

JJ then took our photo, the happy couple...


March 6 is a special day for us. Not only is it the day JJ got his forever home, its the day we became a forever family.

So, I was bad and forget to link up to Jen last week. I was away from the computer all day and thought of it Saturday morning. But today, I'm linked in. So go check out more Flashback Friday posts over at 526,000 minutes.

I'm going to get a tissue now because I'm sappy like that.

Flashback Friday


  1. What a fun flashback! Engagement stories never get old to me!!! Thanks for linking up this well, hope you'll keep playing along. And Happy Engagaversary!

  2. Sniff!! Sniff!! You have me sniffling too! Wonderful story!