Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Woody Is 3

I can't believe its already been 3 years since we got Woody (well technically we got him at 8 weeks, but he's been alive for 3 years). He's been a wonderful addition to the family. I love coming home and seeing him peeking out of the window and then running around to meet me at the door, his entire butt wiggling from excitement.

JJ loves a good party and why shouldn't Woody get to celebrate his special day. There is a really cute Pet Speciality shop in downtown called the Barkery Bistro. I stopped last week and got Woody some treats for his party.


Since in human years he is turning 21, I got him some of this


How cute is this... beer for dogs.


Drank out of a pint glass


Demolished the cupcake in one bite


Cleaning up the crumbs


Lip smacking good


Thanks Mom!


Happy Birthday Sweet boy!

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  1. That cupcake shot just cracks me up. Happy birthday Woody!!!! 3 is a great year. ;)