Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Renovations update

So, we moved into the house in August of 2007. Construction began in April of 2006.

Here we are now, March of 2011. There is still a lot to be done, inside and out. Its a slow process, mostly confounded by money and lack of. But, we knew that this would be our forever home and we are willing to take forever to get it complete.

We got a little closer this month with the installation of the upper kitchen cabinets. Gene wanted so bad to make them, but he doesn't have time or space in the shop anymore for large pieces.

We contracted a local cabinet maker that fit Gene's rigourous demands. I will say that I'm very pleased with the quality.

This is what the kitchen looked like before the move. Now, this space is our back porch. I wanted more kitchen, less porch. Sorry Granny.

kitchen original wm

When we moved in, all we had was the utility sink. We brought in our K-mart shelves and hot plate from the cottage. We also finally brought in the fridge from the back porch (redneck?!?)

kitchen move in

Over time, Gene built the lower cabinets. He even made them so they quiet close. No slamming doors in our kitchen!

kitchen lower cabinets wm

At this time I had plywood countertops.
kitchen lower 2 wm

Next came the addition of paint and the eat at bar. Gene had the room painted as a surprise while I was away on business. It was a pleasant thing to come home to, although nothing was moved back yet.

We use the bar all the time. Its our central gathering zone, and that's what we wanted.
kitchen bar wm

And finally, the upper cabinets....

kitchen complete 1

We've added some under cabinet lights to help brighten it up. I LOVE them. They add so much to the work space. I don't fear cutting myself because I can't see anymore. (I still fear because I'm horrible with knives). Adding the lights meant taking some cabinets off the wall and digging in the sheetrock to find the wires. Gene wasn't happy about it, but he agrees that it makes a huge difference.

kitchen complete 2

We still have some little things left to do. We need a range hood over the stove, and some decorative lights. The trim needs to be done, but the entire downstairs needs to be trimmed.

We'll get to those, someday.

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