Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've gotten behind on my blogging. Last week was busy and I didn't have time to sit down and look at my photos. I try not to do much editing to them, but with Internet photography theft rampant, I at least need to watermark my stuff before I put it out there. And that my friends, still takes a little time.

So, getting back on track on what you've missed. Last week was JJ's Homecoming Day. We really turned it into a weekend long celebration. We've always wanted him to know how special he is and how special the day was that he came to his forever home.

This year we decided to give authentic Korean food a try. We don't live in a mega metropolis, or even close to a tiny metropolis, so our options were limited. And by limited, I mean one! This one, we've noticed before. Its smashed in a dinky old building connected to a dinky old gas station. We had JJ convinced we were eating at the gas station!

I'll admit that I was skeptical, but it turned out to be really nice. It was clean and it was busy.

We were all a little insecure with the menu, but we decided to take chances and go for it. The owner was our waiter and he was very helpful in guiding us to some tasty choices.



JJ's mom brought a cake for the celebration. She joked with me that it was store bought, that I shouldn't hate because she doesn't have my mad baking skills (which apparently JJ talks about all the time!) I didn't hate, after all its my favorite kind of store bought, Publix!


So the Korean fare expedition was just the starter. Saturday after the soccer game (sorry no photos folks, it was raining. I was not going to try to figure out how to hold an umbrella and my camera and take photos all at the same time) we were heading to a rivalry baseball game. My college, Clemson, and Gene's, South Carolina, were playing in a three game duel and the middle game was at our local minor league stadium. We had tickets, as did friends, so we met for lunch.
It so turns out that the game got cancelled because of bad weather, but rescheduled for later in the week. The boys had fun though, don't they look cute in their rivalry outfits!

IMG_9965 wm

I was disappointed that the game got move to a night time because I stink at night photos. Gene did get one of me and JJ. Its not perfect, but its a perfect memory.


My team ended up losing, 4-5. But we rallied in the 9th. It was a good game considering we were playing the National Champs!

JJ's homecoming turned into more than just a weekend, and he milked it for all he could. Its been 10 years since JJ came home. Here's a look back from that day.

homecoming wm

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  1. What a great way to celebrate! Love the last photo, so sweet!