Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

So Soccer isn't really a contact sport. Well, there is some contact, but its not like Football (American Football). There's some pushing and shoving, maybe some elbowing or kicking, but nothing major. Most of the time it is not about contact it is about being aggressive.

JJ's never been an aggressive kid. He's smart, he's a thinker. With soccer, he could easily use his footwork to steal the ball and not need to throw an elbow. (Which is a foul by the way!) But, now that he's older and the skill of the other players has caught up, sometimes its needed to get a little aggressive.

This is a JJ sandwich...

IMG_9879 wm

Last weekend, he played a team that had a notoriously aggressive player on it. This kid, A, has played on the same team as JJ for several years, but this year his parents moved him to a "better" team. (I don't blame them, we never practice, we're like the Bad News Bears sometimes!). A is known for rolling around on the ground, screaming its a foul, and having to be carried off the field. This happens almost EVERY game. We blame it on watching too much professional soccer.

So, last week, I told JJ that he was to play A's team and I wanted to see him make A roll around on the ground. I was only joking and JJ knew this.

Then, minutes into the last quarter, I see this...

IMG_0010 wm

Yep, that's JJ and A on the ground. It's followed by this...

IMG_0013 wm

And then this...

IMG_0016 wm

Karma, its a bitch you know! Next time I'll keep my mouth shut. But A was ok. Just shaken up a bit. You can see that JJ's left shoe slid into A's left shoulder. I'm sure that hurt, but it was an accident. When they were both being aggressive to get the ball, momentum got the best of them and they ended up in a pile on the ground.

Son... please tell we what you were thinking!

IMG_0018 wm

It's all fun and games until....

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  1. Okay, am I bad 'cause I laughed????? Awesome JJ.