Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Last week, JJ had Friday off from school. You know, one of those teacher workday thingys. Why they couldn't use that day as a snow make up, instead of doing nothing at the end of June, I don't know! The boys planned to head out to the river that day and spend the day fishing. Gene bought a new canoe for them to use. We named it Knife. Why you ask, because the first knife in the JJ's series is called the canoe. So I said your canoe has to be called knife. Get it!??! Nevermind.... I wasn't able to enjoy this day of male bonding, but I did get to hear all about it when they got home. They were lucky enough to have caught some fish. 3 Bass, 2 crappie, and a brim, maybe?


They decided we were going to cut up the fish and have a fish fry. It was late and I didn't feel like making a mess in the kitchen, so we cut up the fish and delayed the frying until Saturday. IMG_9798 This fish reminds of me of that singing fish, Billy the Big Mouth Bass, remember that annoying thing! There was a lot of cutting IMG_9806-2 A lot of meat IMG_9810 And a whole bucket of guts. (JJ made me take this photo) IMG_9824 The fish were photogenic


IMG_9815 As were the fishermen


JJ was excited to get his hands in the kitchen and help. He really enjoys helping in the kitchen. He's not afraid to get messy. And he often apologizes when he does make a mess. IMG_9854 The fish got a good breading before they hit the heat... IMG_9856 Its not a fish fry with out a fryer right!!! Yummm... IMG_9861 Everyone had fun and there is interest in doing it again. I may even get in on the catching action. I do have my own fishing rod.

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