Monday, August 02, 2010


This week's theme at The Paper Mama is buddies.

What's better than a boy and his dog. JJ has always had a dog. While the house was underconstruction, Gene, JJ and their dog Aspen lived with Gene's parents. Once construction was done, Gene, JJ and I moved into the house. Aspen had become accustomed to her new home and her new friend Rocky, so we let her stay there. From that moment on, JJ started asking for a dog of his own.

Finally, at the end of school in 2008, we got JJ a dog. Gene and I did some research. We knew what breed we wanted, and we were lucky enough to find a breeder right in our own backyard.

Woody came home and him and JJ have been best buds ever since.

Here's my favorite Buddy photograph

buddies 1
This is JJ and Woody before they competed in the disc dog competition. I'm not sure who is calming whose nerves. Its a tender time between and boy and his best friend.

Here are some others... just because... how cute is a boy and his dog.

The day Woody came home...
buddies 3

Puppy Kisses
buddies 2

Christmas Card 2008
buddies 4


  1. You seriously trying to kill me aren't you?? The puppy version of your awesome dog. GAH! Cuteness overload. I'm off to show hubby in hopes it will finally sway him to get a puppy....

    And as you know, JJ has grown into quite the little handsome man!

  2. That first shot is so sweet...I do hope you have it printed!

  3. I love that moment between the two of them. I also love that your dog does these competitions. It seems like a great way for him and your son to bond!

  4. Such a private, peaceful moment captured...a treasure! (and that puppy shot is to die for...adorable <3)

  5. LOVE that bottom one! SO sweet :)