Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ashley has chosen this weeks theme at Ramblings and Photos/ In a Yellow House as Trees. By trade, Gene is a Woodworker; by heart, he's an Arborist. He believes fully in the circle... if you use one, plant one back.

A few years ago, we travelled to California for a wedding. We stop at Muir Woods so Gene could revel in the tall trees. This was pre-DSLR days, but I love the sunflare through the trees in this photo.

IAYH Trees

If I don't know what to get Gene as a gift, I buy him a tree. We have all kinds of trees in our yard to celebrate different things. The tree they planted the day JJ's adoption was final, the tree from our first dating anniversary, as well as our first wedding anniversary. There is a live oak to symbolize my Charleston roots, plenty of Gene's favorites, Japanese Maples.

We even got engaged with a tree. Gene gave me the tree as a Valentines gift... he doesn't believe in cut flowers. We didn't get to planting it till a few weeks later. He used the guise that we would plant it on JJ's special day (his adoption day). JJ asked me to take his picture by the tree (which he helped plant),how could I say no to that! Here are some photos from that event:

JJ being silly (he was in on it)

JJ's really trying to hold it together (the grey speck above his head is the ring)

Gene trying not to blow up because I won't get the camera out of his face

After admiring the tree, Gene pulled me close, told me how much he loved me, and pulled the ring off the branch. I was floored. I had no idea this was coming (well I did, but I didn't). JJ danced around with excitement.

The newly engaged couple (JJ did such a great job with this)

The funny this about this tree is, about week after we got engaged I noticed a green ring had formed around the tree. I've never noticed it on any other tree before and I haven't noticed it since.


I'll say I'm a believer in signs. I took this as a good thing. A perfect circle. Like love, it has no beginning and has no end.


  1. Oh Lisa - that story is wonderful and I got a little teary eyed. Also, that first shot with the sunflare is incredible.

  2. love the sun flare in your photo - amazing picture

  3. The thumbnail on Ashley's site really does not do your sunflare photo justice, when I clicked on it and scrolled down I was very impressed! Those trees look amazing with the angle you choose. I also love the story!

  4. Gorgeous shot! Love the perspective and the story.

  5. beautiful pictures and great story.

  6. Great shot!!! And such a beautiful story!!!!

  7. Love the sunflare. What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow... what a great story and wonderful tree shots. I love the filters sunshine in the first one and the circle in the last.. how cool is that? Excellent!!

  9. Really like how you captured the sun in this picture!! Great job, wonderful shot!

  10. Lovely! I'm so jealous of your tree...we don't have many in our yard :(

  11. I love your engagement story! And I got chills when I read about the green ring!