Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This weeks theme at Trendy Treehouse is vacation! I love a great vacation. I think I'm just a little excited because we are taking a mini-vaca this weekend. I dug into the vacation files and found one of my favorites from our Costa Rican honeymoon.

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This photo is Gene showing me his "boarding pass" for the puddle hopper we were taking back to San Jose. It's a laminated piece of paper. The stewardess/ticket agent/baggage lady instructed us that we would hand that back to her when we boarded.

I'm not an anxious traveller, but the site of this ticket.. plus being weighed in with my luggage made me a little skeptical. Gene and I were the only people on this flight! We had to make an alternative stop outside San Jose because the run way in San Jose was closed for a while. During our "lay over" we got to witness a baptism at the Airport Church.

We were a little ready to get home by then.



  1. Wow - I would have been nervous too but this is such a great shot of your husband.

  2. LOL, I love the story behind the picture :)