Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sugar Footies!

I have tiny feet. I wear a size 6. Its usually the shoe on display. If its not on display, they usually don't have it. JJ and I are the same size now. He enjoys wearing my Rainbow flip flops. I've been tossing around the idea of giving them to him and getting me a new pair.

While perusing Ramblings and Photos, I saw Ashley had posted a new photo challenge, hosted by Mama and the Dudes. Her theme this week is feet! I don't have many photos of my feet, why would you? But, I did take one at the river this summer.

Here are my beautiful feet; complete with flip flop tan. (Serpent Great Toe and all... that's what Gene calls it, because it looks like a snakes head)

I'm particular about my feet. I don't like them being touched. I'm very, very ticklish. I've had one pedicure in my life and my MOH made me do it. It actually wasn't that bad, and I'm considering getting one again. Most of the time I do a craptastic job painting them myself.

I can't live without toe nail polish on. I think my feet look funny without it. Even in the winter I paint them. I change the colors up everytime. I have seasonal colors... mostly pinks and reds. I stay away from the funky colors.



  1. Cute! The only time my toenails get painted is when i get a pedicure (about once a year!) and then I have to wait for the paint to "grow" off because I don't have any polish remover. And I'm totally jealous of your size 6 feet. I'm guessing you can still buy kid sized tennis shoes and save some money. I thought my size 10's were big until I had two kids and they went up to 11's!

  2. I'm not a fan of my feet bare. I have short fat toes lol I don't even know how I can balance!

    Great shot! Thanks for entering :)

  3. Guess what my daddy used to call me when I was a little girl?
    Sugar foot!
    Thanks for reminding me of that. :)

  4. Lisa, my feet area really small too - after 2 children they are now 6.5. I have always tried on the display shoes! I love pedicures! I've only had a few but they last so long and make me feel great. Okay now I'm going to have to go get one :)

  5. You know - those are small feet but I have a best friend who has smaller feet and she's always having to special order her shoes. Anyways, I stick to the pinks and reds as well. I think I'm just scared to try something different.

  6. I can't paint my toes either. I can't stay still long enough for them to dry. I used have them done until my son was born and that along with my nails was the first expense to go.

  7. My feet, of course, are smaller, but don't look that cute, all serpent toe & all. =D