Tuesday, August 03, 2010

End of Summer

I'm a little late photographing these this year. I set out on Sunday afternoon on a little walk around the compound, camera in hand, to see what was new. I had forgotten all about JJ's beautiful sunflowers. They are almost all dead now, but there were a few still begging to be photographed.

I tested out the "Macro" end of the Tamron 28-75. I also had a little fun editing.
You start with this:

sunflower 3

Then you zoom, crop and rotate and come up with this:

sunflower 4

and this:

sunflower 8

And even more, you get this:

sunflower 7

Then you move to the back:

sunflower 2

Zoom, rotate, crop:

sunflower 1

A little more:

sunflower 6

Ahh... I really need some extension tubes. I'm dying to get great macros. I've got plenty of unique plants for it.

Probably my fav of the set:

sunflower 5

And I was visited by this little one while I was clickin' away:

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