Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Favorite things

This weeks theme at Trendy Treehouse is My Favorite Things. I could do a lot with this, but when I started looking through pictures, I realized there is one things that I love the most...the unconditional love I get from JJ. (I'm going to get sappy now...)

JJ doesn't have to love me. He already has mom that loves him to the moon and back. But from the first time I met him, he opened himself to me. He treats me just like he treats his mom. Hugs, kisses, he makes me things at school, he talks to me about things, we do things "just the two of us". He doesn't have to do any of this for me (and he has never been pressured to).

My favorite thing is JJ and his unconditional love...


I'm going to find some tissues now. Hop on over to Trendy Treehouse for some more Shutter Love Tuesdays, Favorite Things.



  1. What a great collage - I'm glad to see you in the pictures.

  2. Thanks a lot. Now you've got me in tears!!! Beautiful photos and a beautiful story.