Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gasp! I won something...

A week or so ago, Ashley posted a giveaway over at Ramblings and Photos. She was giving away two, really cute, vintage hair clips. I feel like I'm in a hair rut. I change my mind everytime I go to the salon as to which style I want. Layers, no Layers, long, short... I think my stylist is beginning to hate me.

I entered the giveaway, which was easy. I already followed Ashley's Blog, so I left a comment about how cute the clips were. Well.... wouldn't you know I won one! And, the purple one at that! (Either the purple or the orange would have been fine with me, I love both colors equally... go tigers!)

clip 1

As any good photography blogger should do. I took some photos of my new prize. Have you ever tired to take photos of yourself in a mirror, with poor lighting? Its HARD! No lie, I took at least 100 photos of myself. Most were out of focus, or way off the mark.

Case in point....

clip 7
clip 6

But, I did manage to come up with a few that were decent enough to share...

clip 4

clip 3

clip 2

I also realized I could wear it not only in my hair, but as I decorative clip on my work ID badge.

clip 5

Thanks Ashley for the great prize. I hope to get a lot of use out of it!

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  1. YAY - I'm so glad it made it there...and you look fabulous with it on. I hope you'll get tons of use out of it. Have a great week.