Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wee Bit Of Me

I'm linking up with My Leigh Ashley this week to let you learn a little bit about me....She provides the questions, I provide the answers.


{one} who’s the funniest person you know?
Gene, without a doubt, he's got a dry wit that always cheers me up

{two} were you a Michael Jackson fan?
YES! I listened to him on cassette tape. I jammed with my little red radio.

{three} what was your favorite book as a child?
The Ramona series. Loved every one of them.

{four} what’s the most delicious meal you’ve ever eaten?
Thanksgiving Dinner, every year. My most favorite meal of the year.

{five} if you could eliminate on thing you do each day in the bathroom so you never have to do it again?
shaving, I hate it, I hate the I get razor burn if I do it too often. I hate the time it takes. Did you get the I hate it!

{six} if you could ask Barack Obama one question, what would it be?

What's your favorite flavor ice cream

{seven} what’s the best place near you to get a drink?
Ha! My fridge. Belton doesn't have many great places, but there is a great new place in Anderson call Matties.

{eight} what kind of music can you just not stand to listen to?
Gangsta Rap.... the language, please, who needs to hear that crap.

{nine} who and when was your first kiss?
My brother and his brothers dared me when I was 8. His name was Darren. It wasn't pretty.

{ten} what 3 things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years?
CDs: all music going digital
The Newspaper: again going digital
JJ being an only child... hehehe (couldn't think of anything else and I threw that one out there for fun!)


  1. 8. Totally agree with the rap music, I can't stand it either! Love #6!! I wonder what he would pick??

    Stopping by from Wee bit.


  2. I agree with you on 8 and loved Ramona. Found you on leighashley. Following you now!

  3. I absolutely love Beverly Cleary as well as Judy Blume.

  4. I Loved Ramona too!! and number 6?! LOL

  5. Haha, here's hoping JJ being an only child is a distant memory soon! ;P