Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Action is my schtick

I love action photos. I'm not gonna lie. I like capturing candid actions. A portrait every now and then, a macro or two, but... Landscapes....

I love the look of landscapes, but I just can't seem to put together the image in my head to the image in the camera. I know, one thing I lack, is the proper lens. I know for sure, I need something with a wider angle. The lowest I have right now is 18mm, and that's the horrid Kit lens. I'm scared though, to invest in a wide angle, because I know its not the lens/camera that makes the photo, but the eye of the photographer.

However, I cannot turn down a photo challenge. This weeks challenge at In a Yellow House is Landscape. They are going on a European vacation soon, so this will be the last challenge till September. So in honor of their up coming trip, here is a landscape I took in Europe.

This is the Amstel River, in Amsterdam. Taken from one of the many bridges over the river. All the canals looked like this. House boat, after house boat, tied to the edge. I thought it must be such a fun life to live on the river.

I hope you have an awesome vacation!

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  1. You are really great at action shots and I have so much to learn from you in that regard. This shot is beautiful. I wanna go!

  2. Gorgeous...makes me want to be there!

  3. Be still my heart! Thank you for another Amsterdam post. I met a lady today from Holland and she was just gushing about how lovely everything is - I cannot wait! (And to show you my pics when I get back!)