Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Capture: Black and White

The theme at You Capture this week is Black and White.

My in-laws raise Miniature Donkeys. They are pets. They buy them, breed them, but can't get rid of them. There are 12 on the Choo-Choo mini donkey farm now. The most recent, was a surprise! A donkey gestation period is 14 months! (Wow! No thank you!)

These little fellas have become very accustomed to us, really people in general. I can come up to the pasture fence and they will all come over to see me. You gotta watch your shoelaces though, they'll get them if you're not looking.

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  1. Too cute! Just about any animal is cuter in miniature :)

  2. I love donkeys. this is a great capture. I love that you did it through the fence. it adds a lot of texture and depth.

  3. Who knew that people had donkeys for pets...I certainly didn't, but it could be quite entertaining!

  4. Oh, I already think donkies are cute, but minis must be even cuter!

  5. i love it! i have 3 miniature donkeys and they are the best ever! i can't even tell you how many face closeups i have of them - hahaha! i love your picture!

    please visit my blog when you have a chance and check out my cedar keys shots. (i didn't realize they were supposed to be B & W, sorry)