Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love this face

JJ has a great face. He is a kid of expression! He has grown to know I'll be sticking the camera in his face. Its optimal to catch him off guard to get the best expression, but the cheesy smile is great for memories as well.

This photo is 2 years old, and it was actually taken with my film SLR. The quality might not look superior because I scanned it in. However, I thought it was too cute not to share, and especially since the theme at Trendy Treehouse this week is Faces.

This was taken on our JJ and Lisa Adventure weekend. Gene had an event in downtown Atlanta and JJ and I tagged along. I thought it was a great oppurtunity for us to spend a little time together. We visited CNN and the World of Coke (Where I let him sample to his little hearts content) This is at the fountains at Olympic Park. It was overcast and cool that day, but JJ couldn't resist the water. He's trying his hardest to smile through the teeth chattering. Bless his heart!



  1. Lisa, this is a great shot and I can't tell that there is any problem with the quality. It's simply perfect.

  2. The joys of being a kid...having fun no matter how cold you are!! LOL, great shot :D