Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm a sucker, for most things. I love photo challenges, and I love Giveaways. I stumbled across this fabulous giveaway from Leigh Ashley.

I love bags. I would have a million if Gene would let me. I think I did have a million before we got married. I had to downsize when we moved in together. It was a hard choice, but I managed to separate myself from some of my beloved bags.

To me, bags are tied with emotional events. I'll remember a special event that was associated with that particular bag and it will be hard to give it up.

----Oh... I remember this one. I carried this one all over Europe.
---- I can't get rid of this one. This is the one I carried on my first date with my first boyfriend.

Confession time: I'm sooooooo bad with bags. I still have the backpack I carried in KINDERGARTEN! Now, I don't have all my backpacks, but I do have that one. Its so tiny. I remember it being gigantic on me. I love that it has Rainbow Brite on it. Its so special, I'll never get rid of it!

So, if you are in need of a cute bag. Hop on over to Leigh Ashley site and check out her Giveaway and the Etsy link to tons of cute things!

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